Musical Intervention

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Musical Intervention works with clinical and community based organizations as well as the general public to provide the platform for individuals and groups to write, record, and perform original music. We believe that there is a song in everyone that can be explored to rediscover humanity and potential. Our goal is to create quality music and contribute to the body of academic knowledge in order to develop more effective strategies in promoting human welfare and dignity. We are on the cutting edge of providing a unique bridge of connectivity in and out of health care facilities.


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Dramalogen is a bridge between free cultural life and the cultural department of Halmstad Municipality, a place where artists and cultural workers gather and use their cultural tools for society’s piety. This provides good for society but also gives the cultural workers the opportunity to live on their cultural skills. We work with newly arrived, functionally varied, mental ill-health, old and young people with cultural tools for better dialogue in society in every conceivable way. Quantities of different cultural projects come from the Drama Dialogue, both sought and promoted by the community but also the individual artists’ own and collaborations. More at


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Roso Production


Roso is finnish and it means rough, rugged, craggy, like the life itself. Roso Production is a combination of creative online community, workshops, events, and platform where people can represent their art and producions. The idea is bring artists together to work together and  to learn from each others. Roso Production publishes online media Roso-Magazine four times a year. It`s a platform for all kind of arts made by Rosos`s artists collective. Roso Production is part of Kukunori and funded by finnish social and health ministry.


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We are a think tank and civil and human rights NGO championing social welfare for all, aiming to  develop new and innovative solutions to challenges in the mental health and cultural sectors. Our fundamental aim is to promote a culture of experimentation among our member organisations by establishing contacts between different stakeholders with a view to exploring synergies between them, thus nurturing cooperation, interdisciplinarity and innovation in solving societal problems through an approach based on the promotion of human and civil rights.

Kukunori is proud member of GAMIAN Europe and Citizen Network. Kukunori is also part of European solidarity corps.


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Music Broth


We are Music Broth – Scotland’s Musical Instrument and Equipment Library a social enterprise with charitable status (SCO48299). Our ethos is make music playing, learning and enjoyment accessible to all.
We do this through our musical library of over 1000 musical instruments and equipment. Many of these have been generously donated from individuals across Scotland. We restore and repair these instruments to be shared and loved by with new hands especially those who couldn’t otherwise access music. We support individuals, bands, families and organisations to make use of our library as a shared resource which is self-sustainable through an affordable membership scheme and alternative to the expense of buying items outright.

We support the local music scene by providing access to equipment to enable gigs to happen; quality backline and public address system (PA) as well as a much needed delivery and collection service where we bring gear directly to gigs so bands don’t have to fork out for their own gigging gear and can turn up ready to play.

We work with diverse organisations representing and supporting disadvantaged and/or underrepresented people and groups. Our revenue covers our library space rent, utilities, insurance, repair and restoration of instruments with surplus funds being returned into our Hardship Fund to support free or subsidised musical library memberships for those most in need.

We deliver music learning opportunities and instil value in creative expression, such as our recent Jam Project and Grow with Music projects; 8-10 week free music programmes for young people complementing our musical instrument library ethos where participants could take library instruments home for further learning and practice.

We offer volunteering opportunities; from repairing instruments, to design and promotion of events, communications, fundraising, tutoring and much more.


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