Our Commitment

Music as a means of reframing experience and generating positive identity 

Music as a means of expression rather than a means for propaganda

Delineating between music therapy and ‘connection’ through music

A common language through music

Enabling marginalised voices and talent to have a platform

in addition to raising awareness to stigmas that cripple our societies, our research and facilitation seek to  understand new ways of using music to empower individuals and educate society on the uniqueness of individuals struggling with mental health and addiction. 


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Who We Are

We are made up of international agencies who specialize in working with people in and out of treatment programs. We have seen the power of music change lives, not just people in treatment but the general public’s opinion on these people as they see them in a different light and hear their song.  

There is a movement happening within the health care system. The cracks that people have fallen through on their journey to recovery, are now being mended by reaching people in and out of the community, providing them a platform to create original music and support them by publishing their music to a larger audience. 



Adam Christoferson 

Musical Intervention 

Adam Christoferson is the founder, director and driving force of Musical Intervention, an organization that helps people write, record and perform original music. Adam grew up seeing the effects that trauma, drugs, and homelessness had on the people in his life and has also seen the transforming power of music during these otherwise turbulent times. Before going to college, his work with the Hill Health Centers’ Village of Power program. It was there that he actualized his calling to help people with music. Musical Intervention began to take form during his work as a Recreation Therapist at Yale Child Psychiatric Inpatient Hospital. His work on the inpatient unit was featured in the World Congress of Adolescence and Child Psychiatry in Beijing, China. Adam has presented his work to numerous high schools, universities and hospitals including being a featured speaker at the Yale Donald J. Cohen Mentorship Program at Yale School of Medicine.

In 2015, Adam received a grant through the National Endowment of the Arts to provide a platform for the homeless population in New Haven to create music and be connected to human service organizations. This project led to the opening of Musical Intervention Headquarters where he oversees programming for a diverse community throughout the week. This program has earned the Arts Council of Greater New Haven’s award for its contribution to the creative ecosystem. Research has begun with Yale Program for Recovery and Community Health (PRCH)  to measured the effects of Musical Intervention’s impact on mental health in the community. Adam sits on the Citizens Community Collaborative (CCC) aiming to help people with mental illness and addiction engage with their rights, responsibilities, roles, resources and relationships. He was a featured speaker at the International Recovery and Citizenship Collaborative in 2018 and continues to broaden his impact over seas. 

Markus Vähälä the director of international affairs in a non-profit organization Kukunori in Helsinki, Finland. Markus has worked professionally in the fields of disability and mental health since 1998. 

Kukunori is a network of over 25 Finnish NGO’s who reach over 12.000 people and families all over Finland. Markus Vähälä leads a project called Propellipäät (the Propellerheads) in Kukunori. Propellipäät develops organizational development in NGO’s through change design and experiments. They work on the field and in their own experimental laboratory where new services, models and strategies are being developed. The aim is to support flexible, inclusive and effective methods in creating NGO’s for the present and the future. Markus Vähälä is the country co-ordinator of the Citizen Network Finland and has been active in Citizen Network from the beginning. He is keenly involved in international co-operation and has worked to promote international programs for youth, mental health, disability, sports, arts, culture and learning in Finland. Markus is a fellow on international group of experts in social change called The Fellows of the Centre for Welfare Reform.

Markus is interested in music technology, electronic music and performs and records in a hiphop group called CNF – Community Neglects the facts

. CNF is the oldest still performing and recording rap band in Finland and was founded in 1990. CNF presents the ruff-and-rugged underground style of self-produced hiphop from Finland. The band consists of three MC’s MC Reel, KRD and Maniac James. The band collaborates with other musicians, DJ’s and remixers.

Markus has a long history in classical music, playing violin and singing in the boys choir of Helsinki Cathedral Cantores Minores and in the Finnish National Opera and Savonlinna Opera Festival as boy soprano soloist. Since then Markus continued his singing in mixed choirs Grex Musicus and Vox Lapsus. In Kukunori Markus is collaborating with musicians and organizations from all over the world to develop new global music culture.

Markus Vähälä


Peter Bengtsson


Peter Bengtsson is a multi-faceted cultural practitioner. Animation, music, film and painting – also garden celebrity in Sweden. He is co-creator of the Dramalogen which is a place for creative collaborations and a place where artistry can be used as a lubricant in healing processes.


We have a magazine run by people with disabilities, we work on a large project for metal health and we run a language café business. In addition, many cultural workers work freely with us in society with all possible assignments, such as leadership development or equality work. When there is a problem that needs to be solved with cultural tools, then we are there!


Peter has a central role in the Drama Dialogue as a kind of strange artistic thing, and he has recently become the Foreign Minister of the Drama Theater, which pleases us. It is a lot of fun for us to work with such amazing organizations around the world and we are constantly learning more and finding new ways for the culture to find their way.



Jen O’Brien is Co-Founder of Music Broth, Scotland’s musical instrument and equipment library, a social enterprise with charitable status which she runs alongside her fellow Founder Felix Slavin from Music Broth base in Glasgow, Scotland. Music Broth ethos is to provide equitable access to musical opportunities for all, supporting those less able to access music, and also re-use; repairing and restoring neglected instruments and equipment and sharing them to new hands to bring joy. Thanks to the generosity of the Glasgow and wider Scotland community, Music Broth library has over 1400 musical instruments and equipment for sharing, everything from tin whistles to pianos!


Music Broth supports anyone wishing to pursue a musical venture; providing instruments for learners and established musicians alike to take home long-term, short-term e.g. occasional use of unusual instruments for recording, backline for gigs, PA for events, musical workshops, use of our library space for jamming/rehearsing/videoing, and training and volunteering opportunities. We also organise our own gigs and showcases giving a platform for musicians. All are welcome. All are valued.


Jen is also a musician singing, playing and writing music from a young age, entirely self-taught with no formal training. She has played solo and in bands in Ireland, Wales and Scotland and is currently writing and playing with the band Seafern whose music has been used in film. Jen also volunteers with Girls Rock Glasgow and has been featured in Scottish Music Industry Association Members Spotlight.



Jen O’Brien

Music Broth


For Musicians

We have found a creative well of talent and seek to enrich the world by providing people in mental health and addiction recovery with the platform to get their music recorded, supported and published. 


For Fans

We provide the fans with quality music and inspiring stories from our artists. We help spread empathy and give a deeper purpose behind supporting their artists. 





We believe in accountability and respect. Each artist signed to our project will maintain their rights to their songs  and will help develop a culture of professionalism and support within this program. 


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